Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am in one of those moods tonight. The kind of state of mind where you realize that certain things will never be right for you. Its hard when that reality comes by and smacks you right in the face. I have dealt with alot in my time but when does it end? I can't decide if I am happy or I'm not. Does that make any sense? Why is it that in reality, it seems my life is going great, but to me, I feel like nothing is going good, or at least the way that I want it to go. I'm just rambling now, aren't I? Anyways...

I made you a wordart. I hope you like it. I was in a good mood this morning, as you know Valentines Day is coming, and it really doen't make that much difference to me as I prefer people show me that they love me eveyday of the year and not just extra special on one day a year. But, John is the type that falls into the hype! *LOL* I am tickled that he still thinks of me like that and wants to buy me gifts. He brought home a little stuffed animal in a heart basket with candy, and little balloon that says 'I Love You' and some more candy. Who do you think ate the candy? All the kids *LOL* Its okay, it just goes straight to my hips anyways *LOL*

I looked for a long stemmed Rose for this wordart but couldn't find one or find a tut to make one. I was probably just not looking in the right place, *LOL* Anyways, I figure that you can customize it however you want. I even made it grey scaled so you can change the color if you want. I am not that great at doing word art, but I hope you like it anyways.

I just love this saying and I wish I could remember who said it, but I don't. It is truly something that John would say if he had thought of it! I hope it brings a little joy to you as it did for me when I first read it. I made this wordart big, because of the way it is, but its easier to downsize than to upsize, right? Heres a preview...


It looks like my preview got a little blurry somehow...what it says....'He handed her a dozen roses, 11 real & 1 fake, he told her that he'd love her till the last rose died' How sweet is that sentiment? I hope you all can enjoy it and find a good use for it. Its PU only! Would love to see what you make with this.

Sorry, guys....wanted to show you something...Since V-day is coming...I thought I'd offer you something sweet. I have bundled every one of my products into a nice little package for you!!!

Since V-Day is Feb.14th (2-14) right now thru V-day, you can get ALL of my products for only $21.40! Thought I'd share that. You can only get it at my store HERE! Also, make sure you sign up for my store newsletter. You know I'm gonna remind you often! *LOL* I don't want you to miss out on all the Free Goodies that just might be in there! *LOL*


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