Monday, October 19, 2009


I don't know why I should be shocked, but I am! I always like to think that there is a little tiny piece of goodness in everyone, but then I'm reminded that its just not true.
I was walking out of the Grocery Store Thurs. night and some jerk hit me with his car...not my car...ME! Then he left! It was raining...and he didn't stop like he was supposed to coming up the aisle. He just turned and hit me right in the middle of the road. He rolled his window down, maybe half way, and asked 'Are you ok' he sounded it was my fault. I said 'I guess' and before I could say anything else, he took off!
I was like in shock....I know common sense would say to turn around and get his tag #, but I just didn't do anything but stand there for a minute. I then went over to my van to load my groceries and just cried. I called John and he told me to go back in and tell the manager and call the police. He met me there as soon as he could.
We were watching the video (it just so happened to be right in front of the survelience camera) and of course their equipment is not good enough to get his tag#...go figure!
But, heres the kicker....he didn't leave the store...he parked in the very next isle and just sat there. Not 30 ft from me and didn't have the decency to come over to say sorry or anything. The manager said he can't tell if he ever came into the store....he said it looked like he parked to see what I was gonna do, probably waiting for me to leave. When I went back into the store, he took off.
Sad thing is....he gets away with it. I spent 6 hours in the ER to get checked out. My back and my entire left side started hurting! They did x-rays and a CAT Scan and the Dr. said that as far as he can tell, nothing is broken and not internal damage done to any organs! Thank God. They had me on some heavy duty pain meds though! *lol*
I'm ok now...spend the weekend kinda in a fog, so to speak. The drugs that they gave me at the ER was some heavy stuff and since I don't really have a tolerance to them, they kinda knocked me off my butt! *lol* I was dizzy and very lightheaded.
And to top that off........I have to move my Stores and everything! *uggghhh* So, for now (and hopefully only a day or 2) Both my Stores will be unavailable until we get everything moved to the new Hosting! Thanks for all your patience while this is happening!
This will NOT however, affect our FearlessAngels Subscription Group...we will still be giving out our Posers before they go to the Stores..I have some right now that I am about to send out! If you are interested in joining, plz send me an email and I can get you all set up! :o) Here is the group site if you want to check it out! Only $10/month! Its a Steal!!!
Thanks for listening to me rant! *lol*


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