Friday, March 19, 2010


Yep...Birthday! Ha Ha! Birthdays have never really been my thing...usually doesn't end well! *lol* But..........heres to hoping for a better one this year! I always take the kids out to dinner where THEY want to go for their birthday, Rox has insisted that its MY turn! *YIKES* HA HA! I've never really been the one to choose where we go to dinner cuz it usually ends up a mess or the cops called! (not really...that only happened like But, I don't want to hear complaints if I choose somewhere no one wants to eat. Rox suggested Red Lobster...interesting as I've never ate there before. Wonder if I'll like the food?
Anyways...gotta go play with some makeup per SOMEONES (giggles) instructions! *lol* You know who you are!


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