Friday, December 3, 2010

Time for a Change :)

As you might have noticed, the banners and blinkies for my Stores have changed :) I think its time for a 'change'. My kids are always my inspiration and to see how they have hadled all the obstacles we have faced the last 5-6months with so much Faith, it made me think that I was missing something. LOL.
My children are very involved with the church and have so much Faith that things will work out for the best. Even the little ones have handled everything great! I couldn't be prouder of them!! I am truly blessed! My children know how precious they are to God and that no matter what He is always in control. I think that is something that I am learning. That God loves me and I am precious to him and it does not matter what anyone else thinks. Hard lesson, but one that is the best lesson learned.
So...the new stores were sort of my childrens ideas. Well, at least the themes were. LOL! Kayla (my 14yr old) loves watching CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) as do I. She suggested that be the theme of the new Scrap Store. I think it was brilliant and hope y'all like it too. The other store is for Posers only. (Posers, kits containing posers, anything that was created in Poser or Daz). I am still working on them so it will be a few days before they are officially open. Click on the blinkies over to the right to go have a peek...they might change a little though. Hahaha. Join the yahoo updates group for the store and you will get notification of when they officially open and will then begin to recieve weekly newsletters about new products, sales and promotions.
Hope to see y'all at the new stores! :) Gotta more customizing and uploading to do. *muah*


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