Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Award Whoo Hooo!

Amberbaz left me a comment saying that the link that I posted in the previous post, the one to my 'In loving Memory' kit wasn't working...just wanted to let everyone know that I fixed it and it will take you to the post that has the preview and download. Its a really long post so you'll have to scroll thru it. Thanks for letting me know that it wasn't working!!

Award time... Michelle from Craftyscrap has left me another award. Thanks! Whoo Hooo, I just love these little awards, don't you? It really touchs me touches me that some of the ladies that are really great @ designing and have been doing it for awhile, like my not-so-pro stuff. *LOL* I am taking a some digiscrappin classes so I hope to get better!

The rules for this one is to say 7 things that I love and then pass it on to 7 people...7 that all..I have so many things...

1. Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior

2. My beautiful children...Kayla, Dana, Andrew, & Grace

3. My husband, John

4. The rest of my family and friends

5. Digiscrappin & all the friends that I've made doing it!!!


7. My dogs...Starr, Bear, Kandi

Now, who am I gonna give it too???

1. Roxanna @ MoveFearLessly What wonderful words. I love that! I love her blog too! I met her in the digiscrappin class/group that I've been telling you about and she is so sweet. She offered to make me a blinkie (since I STILL don't know how to make one *LOL*) Isn't it AWESOME? Make sure you head over to her blog and leave her some Lots of Luv!!

2. Lei @ FairydustPrincess I know we kinda keep passing awards to each other, but, you REALLY deserve this one. I am always amazed at your stuff! You really do come up with some creative stuff and its one of a doesn't always have the same as still loving the border clusters!! *LOL*

3. Melanie @ Digi by Gods Design Yes, given her several too, but go look @ her blog and see why this lady is getting the Kreativ Award. Look @ her new kit..Fabulous Fall...How creative is that!

4. Kim @ Kimscrapping I think this lady deserves it too..I always see some great stuff on her blog..go check out the firemen kit she has...

5. Leaonna @ Busyscrappin I give her lots too, but I think she comes up with some of the most creative LOs. I just love 'em!!

6. Cancer Moon Creations I love going to this many wonderful stuff there! Love the scripts! Wish I had the money to buy them all! *LOL* I'd go broke...

7. Shawna @ Scrap Stuff with Psp This is one of my fav. tutorial sites. She is very have to be to come up with stuff and then write tutorials, right? I love her stuff!

Thanks so much everyone!

P.s. Wanted to tell you all that I will be in a couple of Blog Trains...YAH!! I'm so excited! Please keep checking back..The first one..Childhood Memories..its kinda diff buy I hope you will like it..The 2nd is ASDS 'After Dusk' Collab..all I did was make some QPs for some other designers, and let me tell you, you don't want to miss this train..I've seen some of the kits and they look great! 3rd is the 'Holly Jolly' (which I will be adding a banner for that soon!) this one I am actually designing a kit...hopefully a bigger one and one that you guys will like! I've seen alot of the kits for this one too and you definately don't want to miss this train!! Promise! Keep checking back, the trains leave soon!! Choo! Choo!


Kim's Scrappin' October 24, 2008 at 4:40 AM  

Thanks for the award Michelle :) I've added it to my sidebar. Will post it and pass it on as soon as I get a chance, in the next day or two. Thanks for the kind words as well.

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