Friday, November 14, 2008

Examples using my bookplate scripts!

I had to share these! Here are just a few examples that some have made using the heart bookplate scipt (1 out of the set of 4). The possibilities with these scripts are endless! And can use them over & over again! You can't do that @ a traditional scrapbook store! *LOL*

This one is from Linda...isn't this just beautiful? Here is what she had to say about this script.."Thank you Michelle for the cute script! I enjoyed this as well, must have made about
10 different ones before settling on this one lol, very versatile creation :- )"She just started her blog....make sure you go visit her!! I'm sure she will have amazing stuff on her blog soon! Thanks Linda!

This one is from Judy. This is just adorable. Love what she did! Here is what Judy had to say about this script..."Here's my go. I turned mine into a frame. Had no problems at all with the script. I didn't have to open the heart or do anything to eyecandy 5. Great Script. Thanks for sharing, and tfl" Thank you Judy!

This one is from Rose.. How cute is that turkey? I like this one alot too! Here is what she has to say..."This was fun. What a great Script. Thank you so much for sharing it with us." Thanks Rose!

This one is from Beth...look how cute that snowman is! Love it! Here is what she has to say.."Great job MichelleWorked like a charm, I love it.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!" Thank you Beth!!

This one was made by Grace...she is one of the moderators of a digiscrappin group that I belong to! Her stuff is amazing! I was honored when she told me how much she liked my script! BTW..she is the one who gave me the tutorial to make that clock that is in my Thanksgiving Kit. She came up with that just by looking at a pix in a magazine. How cool is that? Here is what she said.."I dressed up Michelle's bookplate/frame script a little. Very nice script!" Thanks Grace!

This one came from Jean...Isn't this frame sweet? I like the ribbon that she added...nice touch! Here is what she had to say..."I hit the send button before saying how much fun this was. Really enjoyed the bookplate.LOL" Thanks so much Jean!!

This one is from Peta....I just love how she made the bow to match the color on the frame! Great job..I love it!! Here is what she has to say..."What a lovely Script this is, made mine into a frame, Thank you so much Michelle" If you want some real pretty Christmas blog layouts, make sure you go visit her! She has lots of other wonderful stuff on her blog too! Thanks Peta!

This one is from Tina..This is just such a beautiful pix. The colors she picked for the frame just complements it so well, don't ya think? Here is what she had to say..."Thank you so much for letting me try this. I use psp 9 and it worked just fine. I hope you like it. I know I do, The photo is one I took a while back here in Alaska of the Fireweed." Thanks Tina! She has some great stuff on her blog too, make sure you go visit her!

This one is from Teri..Love what she has done with this! Here is what she has said..."I couldn't sleep, so I decided to do some psp playing and tried out Michelle's script.
Awesome scipt and worked well in psp 10. Very creative Michelle!" Thanks so much Teri!!
This one is from Carol..she says she doesn't think she is very creatve but just look @ the beautiful job she did! I really love this! Here is what she had to say..."Thank you so much, Michelle! Your script ran like a dream. I'm so happy to have it and here are my results from it.." Thank you so much Carol!

Thanks for taking the time to look at all these wonderful creations! I was so overjoyed that some have enjoyed my script so much! This was my first one and there WILL be more to come! I hope you have gotten some ideas and can't wait to see what others come up with! Right now, they are still only $1 for all 4 can't beat that! Like I said you can use over and over again & the sky's the limit *LOL* I sure hope to see more creations..but ya gotta go buy the scripts! *LOL*


Jody November 17, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

Does anyone know how to convert psp scripts to Photoshop? I am a Mac user and there is no psp for Mac but sure would love this bookplate script for Photoshop.

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