Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Bracket Frames

O.k. Where to start? Got lots of stuff to say and to share! I don't know if many know this but my mom is diabetic and when she checks her blood sugar, if Kayla is over there, she will let mom check hers too. I guess its a comfort thing for my mom, so she won't be the only one being pricked. Kayla has done this alot in the past. I'll never forget when mom was first diagnosed....Kayla was around 5 @ the time and she had lots of questions (like always *LOL*), we explained to her what it was and what it does and what Mimi (what kids call her) has to do to keep it under control.

Even at that age, Kayla was intriqued (did I spell that right?), she would even let mom prick her once in awhile. She has aways loved science and had asked for a microscope for Christmas that year! Well, we bought her one. When mom would prick her finger Kayla would go get a sample from her and put it on her slide, put it under the microscope and then draw what she saw. She looked so cute being like a little scientist. That what she wants to be when she grows up she said.

Well, one day, after looking at her sample, she ran up to my mom and said, "Mimi, I love you & when I grow up, I will be a scientist and find a cure for all thats wrong with you!" We cried! She is 12 now & she still says that she wants to be a scientist! How cool is that...she may just find a cure one day!

Anyways, back to mom pricking her finger over the weekend, I'm glad she did!. Mom called me cuz Kaylas sugar level was over 200! Of course we were concerned. So mom waited till morning to take it again on a fast and it was still high...like 170 I think. Diabetes runs on both sides of the family. I made her a Dr. appoint tomorrow morning so hopefully with diet and exercise we can get this under control & won't have to resort to meds! I'm praying for that!!

1st off..Peta has given me the 'This blog has Heart' award! Thank you so much hun! I have already received this award a couple of times, so I am not required to pass it on! One of these days I'm gonna put all my awards in the sidebar and who they are from..cuz I'm so proud of them!! Thanks so much! Make sure you go visit her, she has lots of beautiful stuff on her blog especially her blog templates! If I didn't luv mine so much, I would definately get one of hers!

On to the goodies!! These frames are a sample from Bonnies Bracket Frame Script!! She has given me permission to give you all a little goody from this. The scripts makes 3 different size Bracket Frames...12x12, 6x6 & 3x3. (The poinsetta, I made!!)I have made some Christmas ones for all of you. Hope you like. Just click the preview to download. Since 4shared had changed the way you have to leave comments..please comment here on my blog in comments section or give me a shout out. I really luv reading all your comments!! Here is where you can find these great scripts from her... http://scrapitsassy .com

If I add everything all in this post, it will be a mile long...thats what I get for being behind on posting! *LOL* So, I think I will break it into a couple of posts! Gotta click on them all to get all the goodies!


Anonymous,  November 18, 2008 at 2:19 AM  

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