Sunday, January 4, 2009

Examples with Peppermint Stick Script

Oh my! I just realized that I forgot to show off some of my CTs wonderful creations using my Peppermint Stick Script! Shame on me!!

Here is the ones that I found in my inbox. Funny what you find in your inbox, when you finally get around to cleaning it out, huh?

So sorry, I didn't show these off sooner!!

The following is from Peta! I love how she did my designer initials, don't you? This is what all she had to say about this script....(I love the last part she says! *LOL*)

"Got a bit carried away here, but its so great, had no problems with this one at all. Then just had to do another one, lol still carried away. You may need a warning on your scripts,
“Scripts can be addictive”
“Due to the addictiveness of these scripts please leave plenty of time to play with them”


I was just tickled pink when I read this! Thanks so much for the great examplse Peta! Love them!

These next example are from Teri! She incorporated them into her LOs. They are absolutely beautiful! I know that you will agree! This is what she said about this script...

"Your script ran like a No problems with it at all. I would suggest that when you put it up on your site, you tell them
it is tagger size. It is really too small for full size scrapping. I used your peppermint candies on the one as well.

Thanks for letting me try it. I attached a couple of layouts I did. They are not full size layouts. Let me know when I can put them up in forums and on my site.

Smiles, Teri~"

Thanks so much Teri for sharing these! I just LOVE them!!

Thanks so much for sharing with us what you made Ladies!


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