Friday, May 8, 2009


I have been quite the busy little bee lately! *LOL* My kids only have 2 weeks left of school and between after school activities, end of year activities and softball practices/games, and working on the Store, I've been exhausted! I've been tagged a couple of times and I haven't been able to respond yet, so sorry!

We went to the girls game last Sat. in Dawson (county about 1 hour or so from me) and it was terrible! It was hot, then it rained a bit, then it was even hotter!! The games started over an hour late becase the Dawson girls were not there. Believe that? We had to wait at their field for their team to get there!

Halfway thru Danas game, John informed me that we were playing on the 'Jeepers Creepers' Field! *LOL* Thats what he calls it anyways. This is their new field and first time we've been there but last year when John had to go to Albany for work he would pass this field and it spooked him. (He hates scary movies) He says this field looks like the one from 'Jeepers Creeper' with old building and the old broken school bus in it! *LOL*

I then got into an argument with Kaylas coach because he had some girl come up to Kayla and tell her that she had to run an extra lap at the next practice because she didn't have her shirt tucked in..can you believe that? I went to him and ask WTH was up with that. He said that was just he kinda guy he was, wanted to show county pride and all that. Well, it must have been the heat cuz I shot back at him. Told him the kinda Woman/Mom that I was and that Kayla was fine just the way she was, we were here to watch Dana play, we wasn't here for Kaylas game yet! He got mad. I don't care. It was like 1/3 hour or better before Kaylas game was to even start. He had no reason to say anything to her when she was just sitting there watching her sister play! *Grrrrr* these small town hicks here start to aggravate me when they think they own you or something.

So after the games, we went to McDonalds. BIG mistake! They got Grace's food wrong 3 times! 3 Times!! All she gets is a cheeseburger only pickles! How hard is that? Then got into an argument with a worker cuz she came over to our table and starting sweeping under our feet while we were eating! How rude! Didn't get home from the games till after 8 pm and we had got there at like 1pm.

Highlight of the day??? I got SUNBURNED! Yep, I sure did! I was the only one too. *sigh*

I had a kit from Katie called 'Sunshine and Daisies' that I had been meaning to make something with and after last Sat. I knew exactly what to make....what do you think??

*ROFL* I had way too much, didn't I? I made this a QP for all of you, without the wording of course! Its 8x10 @ 300ppi. Get it HERE.

On to the Tagged part. I was tagged by Kat and Kim! Thanks Ladies....Oh Gosh, what do I want to put?? *LOL*

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. My sunburn to finish peeling! The itching is driving me crazy!!

2. End of School year

3. June, My anniversary, Danas Birthday and my Bestest Friend is coming to visit me! YAH!

4. My kids to clean their rooms! *LOL*

5. The weekend

6. Mothers Day

7. Getting all my products repackaged and into some new stores

8. Seeing the day when Dana no longer has a 'little Miss Attitude' attitude! (don't know if that will happen anytime soon! *LOL*

8 Things I did yesterday (OMG, are you kidding...gotta think)

1. Made some New Products

2. Taked to Roxanna all night AGAIN! *LOL*

3. Played with the kids

4. Started working on making new previews for all my products for the new stores I joined

5. Took more Photos for me to play with

6. Went to Kaylas Softball Game (we lost)

7. Went to dinner with kids, mom, sister & her kids

8. Surfed the internet

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Keep my Children from any Harm for the rest of their lives

2. Find a cure for all my moms ailments

3. Make the world a better, loving place for future generations

4. Get my dog to stop peeing on my kitchen trash can! *LOL*

5. Design better!

6. Find out why I have such bad back pain and why my left arm is numb all the time

7. Get Yahoo IM to load on my dang Vista Laptop!! *LOL*

8. Go on vacation with my family this summer

8 shows I've watched

1. CSI: Miami

2. Law & Order SVU (Fav show)

3. Marley and Me

4. The Family that Preys (cuz I'm in it! *LMBO*)

5. Magics Biggest Secrets Revealed (very interesting!!)

6. Disney Channel...tons of shows, my kids are always watching Disney!

7. Biggest Loser

8. Food Network

8 People I am gonna tag!!

1. Ali

2. Bethany

3. AngeLaRue

4. Peta

5. Liv

6. Lena

7. Michelle

8. Roxanna of course! *MUAH*

Hope you Ladies can play along, but understand if you can't! :o)


Anonymous,  May 10, 2009 at 12:20 AM  

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Anonymous,  May 12, 2009 at 5:12 AM  

Hey hon, thanks for tagging me. I can't do it just yet as my internet has gone down, but as soon as thats up and running I'll get to it.


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