Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sorry for negelecting my poor blog :( I want to say thank you for all of you loyal readers and for all of you passer bys.
Kids started back to school last Friday, its been kinda crazy 'round here lately. They decided to combine the middle school with the high school until the new school is built! How crazy is that? Not to mention all their stupid rules they have....driving me crazy!
Kayla is in 8th grade now, so she is going to the high school even though she is still considered middle school student. They are charging $6 for the use of a locker! Can you believe that? They send her home with lots of books and make us partents feel bad, knowing that we are not going to make them carry all those books around all day and back & forth to, we pay the $6.
Never heard of high school charging for the use of lockers! Ridiculous! Not to mention they are small....bout 1/2 the size of normal lockers. She also has marching band practice 3days/week. Doesn't leave her much time for any other activities she might want to do...but she is ok with that, she wants to do marching band.
Dana is in 5th gr. and they put that gr. back at the elementary school, but still considering her middle school. She seems to like it so far, which is great for her! Hoping she will find an after school activity that she might want to do....not much for 5th graders to do though. She is thinking about!
Andy started Kindergarden. I am praying he has a better year than in Pre-K, with all that with the bully, the black eye, bad teacher...etc. He really seems to like his teacher this year and she seems sweet. She is a friends husbands cousin....tongue twister! *lol* Kim said she is a really good teacher and Dana knows of her and she likes her too. So, crossing fingers to a better year for Andrew....poor guy. He did not have a good start with school. He hasn't been giving us any trouble getting up, so he must like it.
I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with the digi stuff, so hope you will cont. to come visit me as I should be getting some stuff out soon! (I hope *lol*)


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