Sunday, August 30, 2009


I forgot to post this! *lol* Roxanna is now selling AVON, visit her website HERE. She has an Awesome offer going for you right now! Check it out!

I have to tell you about this stuff. I have always, always been the one who would NEVER put anything but make up on my face...ever! I don't know why....I just don't like the 'feel' of having lotion and stuff on my face. I think I have pretty good skin as it is and just never really thought about it. My face has always been a little dry, but that never bothered me.

Roxanna on the other hand, always uses creams and what I call 'goop' (*lol*) on her face and she finally talked me into trying some. I'm GLAD she did! I honestly LOVE this stuff! I couldn't believe it. It feels light weight on my face so it doesn't bother me so much and my skin is looking better and I've only been using it bout a week! I had just a few little 'spot' on my face, not real noticable, but now, after using these products, you can barely see them! Whoooo Hoooo! Doing a Happy Dance! *lol*

The New Flash Face stuff is just totally Aweosme! And these Creams has THE BEST smell ever!! I love the facial cleaner so much, it has little blue beads in it and it just makes your skin feel soooo clean.

These are targeted for women in their 30s but I would bet that they would be great for any age group!

Want to give them a try? Email Roxanna at and get one of these Bundle Packs! You can't beat this price!! Full Retail is over $140! You get all 5 of these for only $60, but there is only 5 Bundle Packs left so you need to hurry if you want one!


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