Friday, September 4, 2009


Ok, I'm sure you all wanna know the secret right? Here it is! Roxanna and I have opened a New Store! But its a Speciality Store! *lol* This store will be for POSERS ONLY!! All things made with Poser! The Posers, kits containing the Posers, Poser accessories! If you can make it with Poser, it can be sold here! How cool is that?

I just love using them but I hate to have to hunt different Stores to find my Favorite Poser Maker sooooo......... 'Fantasy Posers' was created! If you make Posers or make kits that has Posers in them, We Want YOU!!!! Email me now to get all the info on this Store! This will be your 'One Stop Poser Shop'!!!!

Click on the Banner or Blinkie to go see this Awesome New Store!!!!


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