Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New QP & an Update

Thank you all so much for your comments about the issues I am having with school! It means alot to me! Heres an update: Mr. McCorkle (the super intendent) told me that the reason Kayla was kicked off the team was due to too many unexcused absenses from practice. I told him thats not true and that she only missed two! One, when Andy broke his tooth @ school and that was an emergency, I had to take him to the dentist to have it pulled. I even brought back a note from them for the coach. The other, she had a DR. appoint. and I brought back a note for that too! He told me to talk to the principle and coach about it. (This all happened last Thurs) When I picked her up from school on Fri. she had a check in her bookbag from the principle refunding the money I paid for her to play! Obviously, they wasn't going to let her back on the team even if she wanted to. I talked to the Asst. Principle Mr. Hall (he's nicer and I didn't feel like dealing with the principle again) and he asked if Kayla wanted to be back on the team. I told him no. I would not let her back on that team anyways with a crazy coach! *LOL* He told her to try out for something else. I voiced my concerns about whether or not she would be 'allowed' on another team and he said that it would be o.k. and no one will hold anything against her. He must not live in the real world. Whether he thinks that won't go on, it could! Anyways, we talked about it and they said they wanted to give home schooling a try. That is until Sat. when they went to their game (they are cheerleaders for the Rec. Dept.) and she saw her teacher that taught Chorus last year. She told Kayla that even though she had like 51 students in Chorus this year, she wants Kayla to join. She did Chorus last year and had so much fun with it. So, for now, they are staying put in this crazy school system. At least now, they know that I am not going to take any crap from them! I aslo talked to the State BOE and he informed me that they did nothing wrong by taking her without a permission slip because according to the 'law' they don't need one since its in the same school district. That just does not make any sense to me! But, alot of stuff about the 'law' doesnt make since to me either. We'll just see how things go from here! BTW, the man @ the State BOE also told me what to do with Andrew, he said to write a certified letter to the super intendent and board members telling the situation and how I want it handled and give them a time frame in which to solve this issue. We'll see what happens with that too. Our kids should be safe at school, if the 'law' says they have to go, then the 'law' should protect them, right?

Anyways, Michelle @ Craftyscraps has a new beautiful kit out called 'Joy'. Here is a LO that I made with it, and yep you guessed it, you get it!! YAH!

Just click on the QP preview to download. Remember that this is for your personal use only!! Don't forget the luv!

BTW, thank you for all your support of my first kit, I was a little nervous about it, but you all liked it and that makes me happy *LOL*


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