Sunday, September 21, 2008

Princess LO & QPs

So, my husband & I went to see Tyler Perry's new movie; 'The Family that Preys' last night. It was a good movie but I am upset about something....we are in that movie. Earlier this year I auditioned us for an extra on the movie. We went to Atlanta for the scene the day after my b-day. We are in the bar scene. It was such a long day, I had no idea the time it took to make a movie. It was kinda fun (aside for waiting around all day for them to shoot) especially seeing how a movie is done and getting to talk (just a bit) to Tyler Perry. The movie starrs Katey Bates & Alfre Woodard. Two woman from 'different sides of the track' are friends who set out on a cross country trip and find out something interesting about their children, I won't tell you all details so I don't ruin the movie for ya. The scene we were in is where they enter the bar. As they are walking in the bar, John & I are walking out, walking right past them. I couldn't wait to see the movie! Guess what? If you go watch it, the 2 blurs walking past 'Alice' and 'Charlotte' are John & I. ROTFLMAO!! I couldn't believe it, we are blurred. You can hardly tell it was us! Oh well, we know it is us and now you do to, I guess thats all that matters right? Here are a few pix of me getting ready for the scene...I did my own make-up but they did my hair. I don't really like it but thats how they wanted it. Do you think I even look old enough to be in a bar? LOL! The pix are not very good quailty, they were taken with our camera phone. Look @ the last pix, see what they did to my hair? UGGHH!

Anyways, I made these LOs a couple of weeks ago using Lei's CinderDreams kit. I just LOVE this kit! Being the mom of 3 girls, it is such a beautiful kit to scrap all their 'princess' moments! The 1st pix is of my girls about 5 yrs. ago. Kayla and John went to a Father/Daughter Dance with girl scouts and she truly felt like a princess that night. The 2nd is of my sister in her renassance festival costume that my mom made for her. Thanks Lei for a great kit! Click here to visit her blog and get this wonderful kit (and lots of other wonderful stuff) and don't forget to leave her some luv while you're there! Heres my LOs.

And now for the QPs. Just click on the preview to download. I hope you enjoy them and don't forget to leave a little luv!

P.S. Please remember that these are for personal use only! As they are not designs of my own but my own creation of someones elses designs who allow me to give you them.


Judy,  September 21, 2008 at 10:50 PM  

Oh my I got two QP"S from a movie star.....LOL. Hey I gotta go and see that movie if only just to see you and your hubby as the blur.
Thanks for the lovely QP's ....will use for my little princesses.

Elaine September 30, 2008 at 12:30 AM  

Thank you for the wonderful QP's!!!

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