Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Examples with my Decorative Frame2 Script!

Here are what my CT Angels made using my Brand New Decorative Frame2 Script!! If you would like to purchase this script...see next post! This script is so user friendly & YOU control how you want your frame to look. You customize the frame size, the border sizes and colors, gradients or patterns. How cool is that?

*Any decorations on these frame were added the by designer...they DO NOT come with the scirpt*

Please DO NOT take my images! They are saved @ the LOWEST resolution, they are for me alone! YOU MUST visit these wonderful ladies to get what they are offering to you! Thanks so much!!

These were made by Teri...she had so much fun with this script, she sent me 5 examples! Here is what she had to say about this script.... "I had no problems with the script Michelle. Great script!I was able to choose the border size, the blind color and change it to horizontal when I wanted to. Smiles, Teri~"

She has made good examples of how much you can customize this frame to the way YOU want it! Thanks so muchTeri!! I just love the 2nd one the best!!!


These are from Peta. Her examples really show how YOU can control the outcome! Here is what she had to say about this script....."Wow this is such a beautiful frame, I’ve done 2 (well that I’m posting here anyway lol) the one without the picture was using all your border sizes. The other one I changed them all, and added different bevels to it, just to show how very customizable it is. Wow I love it." Thanks so much Peta! BTW..loving the horse frame. So beautiful, don't you all agree!!


This one is from Jo...another great example of how to change border sizes! Here is what Jo had to say....."It worked perfect for me in PSP X. I changed border sizes by 10-50 on each roll. * thumbs up* Great job on this one. Hugs, Jo" I love the corners that she added, don't you! Thanks so much Jo!!


These are made by Rose..I would have posted them earlier, but Yahoo was eating my mail again apparantly! These are just so beautiful! She has been working along time on this GingerBread House, which is georgous BTW, and she is giving it away on her blog...make sure you go visit her and get these beautiful gifts! She is also giving away the frame as well...hurry go get them!! *LOL* Thanks so much Rose!

Thanks so much for all the great examples Ladies....I'll add more if they send me more! If you want this script, read next post! Make sure you visit these ladies and check out all their other wonderful creations!!


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