Sunday, April 26, 2009

'Spring Formal' Dance

Kayla had a 'Spring Formal' Dance on Friday. She looked so beautiful and so grown up. I can't believe that my baby will be turning 13 come this Sept. How time flies! All my little ones are growing up. We Celebrated Andrew's 5th birthday last week, Dana will be 10 in June and little Gracie will turn 3 this October.

We have this tradition with our kids, since their birthdays can fall during the week instead of always on a weekend (hey, wouldn't that be nice?? *LOL*) We either have their party the weekend before or the weekend after their b-days. So, to make them feel special on their actual b-day, they get to choose what/where we go for dinner. They can choose whatever they want/ where ever they want.

Since Andy's b-day was on a Tues and the girls had Softball Practice (not to mention John gets off work late now) My mom, Sister and I took him out for lunch instead of dinner. Of course we took Gracie and the twins. I was afraid he would ask for McDonalds for lunch! *LOL* Instead he chose Stevie B's which is an all you can eat pizza place. They make some of the most unual pizzas..from macaroni and chees pizza to a blt pizza. My fav is the Taco Pizza (Yummm!) It has that melted cheese (like nacho chz for chips) and it has the chips, little bit of spicy sausage and onions on it. Mmmmmm!

Anyways, they have a little game room too, so we let the kids play for a little while...and guess what? Gracie Cheated at Skee Ball...Look....
She was getting mad that she couldn't roll the ball hard enough to get up in the holes to get she climbed under the gate and put them all in the high points holes! *LOL* She got lots of tickets though! Andy had fun too...

Don't ask me about the face he was making, cuz I have NO Clue why he was making those faces! *ROFL* We had a good day!

Here are some pix of Kayla before she went to her 'Spring Formal' Dance. She borrowed this dress from a friend. Isn't she so beautiful?

Look at the shoes!!!! She is already like 5'2" without the heels!

I knew that someday she would not want me hanging around at her dances and stuff, and guess what? She kinda booted me out of this one. :( Not in so many words, but I knew she wanted me to leave. I did manage to get just a few pix though. I wanted to get one of her and her B/F but he was not there when we got there. I got one of them after the dance but it was dark and it didn't turn out all that great.

So, what did Mommy do for 2 1/2 hours during the dance?? I actually sat out in the school parking lot in my van! *LOL* Didn't feel like driving the 1/2 hour home and then having to drive back an hour later, so I just waiting out there and watch all the kids have fun. They had some tables outside and the kids hung out there and too.

I had to take this pix of myself to show John how much fun I was having! *LMAO* Do u like?? John said he liked this pix of me...could it be that is becuz some cleavage is showing?? *LOL*

I have lots in the works for you all, so stayed tuned. Sorry I haven't been around much, my kids are keeping me busy right now with softball and all their after school activities. Can't wait for Summer!!!!


PSPScrapper/& HavenLayouts April 27, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

ROFL you look like your having a real ball there hon. lol What you didn't take your laptop, just think of what you could have got done. Kayla looks beautiful, and have to agree, they do grow up real quick, Jemma is 18 in a couple months. eek.

AngLaRue_Creations April 27, 2009 at 10:57 PM  

She looks beautiful hon! Not a bad pic of yourself either! Don't forget to breathe in between all those activities.

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