Friday, April 10, 2009

Want to win some Kids Furniture?/

I have received an email asking if I wanted to do a blog post for a chance to win some Kids Furniture...Hmmmm, let me think....I have 4 kids so YES of cource I am interested in it! *ROFL* Here is the link Go Check it out and then go make your own blog post about why you should win some kids Furniture! One of us is bond to win right? Hurry, go make your post!

Heres why I want to win some Kids Furniture.....

I have 4 children and they can be wild at times, what kids aren't? But when they are tired and its time for them to go to sleep, they should each have their own place to be! Kayla, Dana and Andrew all have their own room right now with their own beds, but Grace has to sleep in my room on her tiny little Toddler Bed. Its fine for her for now, but she is about to become 3 and she needs a 'Big Girl Bed' this she keeps telling me! *LOL* And since she will have to share a room with one of her sisters, we are gonna need a bunk bed. Kayla want to share with her and get one that has a Full Size on the Bottom as she has also informed me that she would like a bigger bed than her twin. Awwwww, the life of a Mother!

Ooops, was suppose to post a pix of it...

How Pretty is this one? I love it! Check out the Kids Furniture go here

Click my Pix to be taken right to this one to see it better!
Thats my Entry, Looking forward to seeing the winners! Everyone, Visit the website, then go make your blog posts for your chance to win! Good luck everyone!! Deadline for Entries is Monday April 13th.


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